Easy Flirting Tips

highres_6239905Waw… Menjadi penggoda.. Tumben banget nih saya kepikiran buat nulis artikel kaya gini.

Tak bisa dipungkiri, sebagai manusia kita memerlukan perhatian dari sesama (terutama lawan jenis). Nah, flirting (menggoda) adalah salah satu cara menarik perhatian lawan jenis. Di sini saya akan membagikan sebuah artikel yang cukup menarik. Dang ingat, COBALAH! Jangan sampai pengetahuan membusuk sebatas di otak saja. Selamat bereksperimen dan bersenang-senang.

Top Ten Easy Flirting Tips

You don’t have to look like Mel Gibson or Pamela Anderson to get members of the opposite sex to go weak at the knees. All you need is great smile and follow the few simple tips we have put together for you below and they will be attracted to you like paparazzi to a movie star.

Create eye contact with the person you want to flirt with for around 5 seconds. Just smile a little and look away slowly. Try this at least 3 times in the first 15 – 20 mins. Your target needs to know your interested and eye contact is the universal signal for openness. Be careful not to stare so hard that you will burn a whole right through them, just keep it casual. And remember they are just as nervous as you.

Smiling is definitely your greatest flirting weapon. Experts agree smiling is the easiest and most effective way of making yourself look more attractive and approachable. Nothing to over the top just keeps it realistic. If you have been successful in locking eyes and you have been receiving smiles. Its time to take the plunge, he/she is very interested in getting to know you better so what are you waiting for?

Women if you have been eyeing someone off at a party, or anywhere really, but you have not been noticed yet try the second glance technique. It’s so simple and I guarantee if they are even slightly interested you will very soon have their entire concentration focused on you. Its simple, it works the same, as eye contact but has to be done from a much closer distance. I usually do a walk by making sure i am about to walk into her line of sight. And when I force her to fall into my line of site I look away and then turn back to look again very subtle, in a way that nobody would have even seen except her and instantly drop the smile and eye contact.

Watch your targets body language when he/she is looking at you are they beautifying themselves? Its a subconscious thing we tend to groom ourselves a lot more frequently when we are attracted to someone. If your target is not showing these signs there is no reason why you cant do them.

Another great subconscious trick is to lick your lips. No not like a porn star the best way to describe it is like you do when you have chaffed lips but a lil slower. Licking your lips is the minds way of recognizing that you are preparing for a kiss.

Women cross your legs. Its another sure fire flirting technique and sends guys crazy and wanting to see more.

Guys, stand tall and straight don’t slouch remember you’re trying to be the most prominent man in the room so feel like it and she will start to see it. Be calm and pull your shoulders back show that you are confident.

Body language experts state that women should stand with their feet no more then 6 inches apart and with toes pointing inwards. While men should position their feet 6 – 10 inches apart with their toes pointing outwards to promote the sign of dominance.

The highest form of any type of flattery has always been to imitate someone. Try not to go to overboard and make a fool of yourself. Just pick up on the way your target talks holds themselves slight similarities will make your target feel more comfortable.

Focus on what your target is saying, Rarely can you find someone more attractive then someone that finds you genuinely interesting, SO BE THAT PERSON. The one that finds them really interesting. Keep things simple and light listen to what they are saying and through in a few jokes here and there just to keep the smiles working. Don’t be afraid to touch them in a non-sexual manner. Often it can be received as very soothing especially coming from a man. As a man you should never underestimate the power of our hands when used in a sensual and caring manner.
Follow the signals above and keep them in mind throughout your first contact. Avoid the typical stereotype advances of trying to show off. Its as see through as glass and will only make you look like your really not genuine about getting to know them at all.

Artikelnya masih dalam bahasa Inggris. Bagi yang bingung bisa memanfaatkan tool dari google atau bisa download kamus dari sini.

Untuk para pria yang membutuhkan tips-tips lebih lanjut, silakan kunjungi site ini.

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